Purative Sponges 14x6cm YELLOW- 10/pack

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Purative Sponges 14x6cm YELLOW- 10/pack

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Purative Sponges 14x6cm YELLOW- 10/pack

Fast, effective cleaning but gentle on surfaces

· Actively breaks up dirt and lifts away from surface

· No abrasive minerals and no mineral/fibre shedding

· Traditional scourers work by abrading the surface (green/black scourers scratch, white scourers dont remove dirt)

· PURActive breaks up the dirt and actively lifts it away from the surfaces without scratching

· Safe for use on: Chrome, aluminium, brass, steel (also polished), inorganic glass, ceran, pyrex, flame proof glass, enamel, china glaze, china/porcelain, polyester/epoxy resins, high quality acrylics

· No shedding of minerals or fibres

· Washable at 60C (avoid chorine/high alkaline chemicals)

* Test PURActive on an inconspicuous area: soft surfaces can be scratched depending on the hardness level. We do not recommend the use of PURActive on car body work.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 cm
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