Agar 3D Gloss - Floor Sealer - 5Ltr

Agar 3D Gloss - Floor Sealer - 5Ltr

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Brand: AGAR

What is 3D-Gloss?
3D-GLOSS is a super-glossy sealer finish for vinyl, timber and stone floors. It is designed with a fast cure-rate for use in supermarkets where it buffs up easily under UHS buffing machines to provide a crystal-clear, dazzling gloss.

Key Benefits
Floors will sparkle when sealed with 3D-GLOSS.
3D-GLOSS is non-slip.
Stays shiny for longer because of its high scratch repair
Responds to both gas and electric buffing machines.
Excellent for supermarkets and other busy floors.

How Does It Work?
3D-GLOSS dries to form a colourless, tough modified acrylic, metal cross-linked film which has an outstanding gloss level and very high degree of scratch repair when burnished. Floors coated with 3D-GLOSS achieve peak gloss after only one or two buffs and they retain their sparkle through the day because of the high abrasion resistance of the new polymer. 3D-GLOSS also offers the possibility of being buffed by gas or electric buffers due to its high burnish response. 3D-GLOSS is colourless, non-slip and mark resistant.

For Use Onā?¦
3D-GLOSS should be used on vinyl tiles, sealed timber, sealed terrazzo, sealed marble, terracotta, slate, linoleum, and brick floors.